Create or Import Visio diagrams into MidlEO and easy find them in seconds

Create or Import Visio diagrams into MidlEO and easy find them in seconds

Many people prefer to store their diagrams, documents and other files in a local or cloud storage platform.
When we are speaking for enterprise solutions, security should be on first place.
Our MidlEO application is working fully in the infrastruture of the Client and has not connection with the outer world.

One of the biggest problems working with such files is to find something inside them very fast.
That is why, we have created solution for this.
The Diagrams are stored into database in XML form, which means that searching text inside this diagram is easy.
We are using Draw.io modules to transform the document into XML file.

Here are sample steps to create diagram.
1) Diagrams -> + (create new diagram)

Create new Diagram

2) Edit the Diagram

Edit the Diagram

3) Import your existing Visio diagram into the MidlEO app

import the Diagram into MidlEO

4) Save. Now it is ready to be found ! You can easily find it from the Search tab

Search the Diagram in MidlEO

Each time one new Diagram is created, it can be bind to some Request. In this way, when the Request is opened, it is easy to check if there are some Diagrams attached to it.

Attach the Diagram in Request system of MidlEO

The diagrams can be easily attached to a Knowledge Base post. Each diagram has an ID.
You have just to add this ID into the text field:


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