Documentation mess for your Middleware environment? - MIDLEO can help !

Documentation mess for your Middleware environment? - MIDLEO can help !

You have a lot of documents related to your Middleware environment.
They can be located in different places - OneDrive, DropBox, shares, Visio diagrams..

One of the problems nowadays for companies is finding the right document fast and easy.
Documentation is important to you from one side - to know why some server/application/service has been requested in the time, who requested it, where some application exists, how it is connected with the server, which requests have been raised for this application, and also from the Audit findings.

Preparing audit documentation on a timely basis helps to enhance the quality of the audit and facilitates the effective review and evaluation of the audit.

With MIDLEO, the process of finding all documents related for some server/service/application/request is easy.

Each time you upload a document to your share trough MIDLEO, you have an option to add #TAG attribute. It will help when you want to search by specific word in the documentation.

Document mess

Document mess

If you want to search in Visio Diagram by keywords or by an element from the diagram - it is possible with the help of Draw.io module coming with the MIDLEO application -> more information.

You can add a mapping for DropBox and OneDrive files once they are shared. If the file is not shared and you didn't provide permissions for others to read it, it cannot be added to MIDLEO system.
Only authorized logged in user can access his own files in DropBox and OneDrive. If the user decides to share the file with others and collaborate with them, then it can be easily mapped to server architecture, application information, or request system.

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