Middleware enterprise organizer - Request system

Middleware enterprise organizer - Request system

The Request system is easy to use and operate.
Before creating a request about some project, this project should be available and approved in the list of projects for the present year.
The client selects for which application this request is for, what kind of request it is - server, application related, ldap related, groups related, filles additional inforation and attach a file if needed.

Midleo Request System

First client should create Workflow - this is showing the steps that are made for each request. In each workflow, different users/groups are taking part, that needs to be specified. If there is an approval step, confirmation step, deployment step, it should be specified in the process.

Midleo Workflow

For each workflow, additional forms are configured by the client. In these forms, you can specify fields that are needed in order to do the job more precise and correct - for example:

  • - required server architecture
  • - required IBM MQ Queues, message attributes
  • - names for Tibco topics and objects
  • - how much memory, CPU you need for the requested server
In each request, there is a possibility to add files, to add subtasks, to specify which group can add Efforts, which group should deploy packages or objects.

Important part of the request is the server. In each request this is added in these specified additional fields. It is important to have the whole picture of the Middleware Environment.

Each object, request, server, diagram has
. With them everything can be easily found.

Midleo Workflow

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