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the core of an enterprise IT

The Experience

With over 70 years of experience and know-how with IBM®, Tibco®, RedHat JBoss® and Oracle® Middleware, we support clients capitalise on their current investments, optimize the infrastructure and adopt new capabilities at their own pace – while reducing complexity and cost.

The Clients

Our clients include leading companies in the banking, insurance, and automotive industries from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Achieving synergy between different industries and businesses we help our clients to adopt time-to-market solutions, manage the IT and be prepared for the upcoming challenges.

The Team

The Midleo team consists of experienced consultants, architects, analysts, and software engineers who create business crucial middleware solutions. Using our extended network of IT- partner from CEE we are able to be very flexible in matter of workforce and budget

The Challenges

The continuous modernization of the most critical IT- enterprise infrastructure is challenging the business today. Digitalization and lean processes require higher standards of IT service and infrastructure with focus on high availability, stability and top performance.

The Scope

Planning, deploying and managing of high scalable, often cloud based, middleware infrastructure is essential for transforming the IT organizations into cost effective performance centers. Midleo experts create balanced, transparent and budget- efficient middleware and connectivity solutions.

Our Offer

Enabling those kinds of services can provide high value and long-term business benefits. Our experts working together with client’s team to create seamless application integration, enabling data and process sharing. We offer straightforwardness, flawless and focused consulting. We deliver tangible results.

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