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Connectivity, Data and Process Management
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The challenge

Within the last 10 years the enterprise IT experienced major shift in the scale of criticality and business importance. With the advance of the digitalization the challenge to manage data and processes are crucial for success of the companies and economy.

The requirements

The business requires smart, lean and easy to manage solutions for process and data integration. Operational scalability, predictiveness and sustainability of enterprise IT are demanding for the success of the enterprise digitalization. Application’s interconnectivity and interoperability within an enterprise IT, B2C and B2B

Developing Connectivity

Our IBM ® MQ, Kafka® and RabbitMQ® experts creates messageware infrastructures to facilitate seamless data and process integration. We adopt most demandable client’s requirements with latest messaging and communication technologies to enable multi-protocol, multi- layered connectivity solutions.

Developing Integration

Our IBM® (IIB, Sterling Integrator, ESB) and TIBCO developers helps to create, optimize and modernize complex data integration solutions. We analyze interfaces, data and file formats. We design, implement and support scalable, transparent and effective data integration flows and applications.

Business Process Management

BPM is a concept of identifying, recording and streamlining business processes. It provides control over existing processes, flexibility to change them and high efficiency in their improvement. Today’s wide range of BPM includes automation, advanced automated decision making, robotisation and digitisation capabilities.Our IBM® BPM, PEGA® and Camunda BPM® experts work together with our clients to create and support modern, seamless and sustainable BPM solutions.

Solutions for Migration

With the time and technology shift the companies has to upgrade, re-engineer, or substitute the existing data and process integration applications, interfaces and protcols. Midleo interdisciplinary experts and business consultants develop the appropriate migration strategy to enable cost- saving upgrade, or adoption of forward-looking enterprise solutions.

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