Application integrations

MIDLEO's integrations

Midleo seamlesly connects many services and applications with many more to come as we work on extending Your middleware network

Track your changes

with MIDLEO you can track changes to your middleware environment. each application server is connected to a virtual/physical server. each request, each diagram, each change that you are making is connected with a server. It is easy to show all history of the changes on selected server.

Source control

Source control integration in Midleo Automation allows you to use your own GitLab/Github/Bitbucket source control repository. This feature makes it easy to promote code that has been tested in your development environment to your production Automation account. Source control integration lets you easily collaborate with your team, track changes, and roll back to earlier versions of your runbooks.

Privacy and security

midleo applications are working on your environment with respective firewall rules and access to each server. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your and your customers' data, by enabling you to choose where your primary data is located and preventing it from unauthorized access with industry best-practices.