Source , Automation and Monitoring for your Middleware environment

Middleware Enterprise Organizer


  • Open new Request
  • Check Resolution Time
  • Check Request history


  • Deploy IBM MQ® objects
  • Deploy IIB® objects
  • Custom development


  • Enhance the environment
  • Time management
  • Collaboration with teams


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  • Get Paid
  • Get inspired

 The right product for your Middleware environment

  •  Explore your projects and all MQ/FTE/Broker configuration connected with them.
  •  Find out the connection between objects
  •  Check the log history and changed info
  •  Create packages and Deploy them to the remote server with one click
  •  No need to backup the environment, when you have the source in your hands
  •  Make your MQ environment more transparent to the Business

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 The right product for You

  •  Explore the objects with all connections between them
  •  Easily add objects to your MQ environment and deploy the packages
  •  All info is stored secured on your server
  •  Automate the process of project deployment. Easily create and add all objects in a package.
  •  Secured MQ deployment connection with your own SSL key
  •  Add your FTE/Broker source files in your own Git version control server
  •  Database flexibility - Oracle, Mysql, MSSql, Sqlite, PostgreSQL, depends on your needs
  •  The application is installable and working on your own environment

Plans and Prices

Basic Standard Premium Custom
Licensed application
Basic modules
LDAP module
Requests module
Source control
Enhanced modules
GIT module
Deploy module
Diagrams control
Custom modules
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