MIDLEO® - the software Your business needs

MIDLEO® is a unique environment in which planning, organization and automation go hand in hand. The result of this cooperation leads to the successful realization of your business.

Middleware Enterprise Organizer - Source , Automation and Monitoring for your Middleware environment
Middleware Enterprise Organizer - Source , Automation and Monitoring for your Middleware environment

A better way to organize and manage

MIDLEO® helps to create easy to handle infrastructure for every kind of enterprise middleware complexity

Middleware Enterprise Organizer - Source , Automation and Monitoring for your Middleware environment

Create the environment

MIDLEO® is a compact software that uses IBM, Tibco, and Oracle technologies. Thanks to these technologies, a powerful workspace is being developed, which offers an exceptional opportunity for better organization of the services provided by the business.

Connect the environment

MIDLEO® connects platforms, products and environment. IBM, Tibco and Oracle are among the supported technologies. Enable interoperability with ITSM, reporting, or monitoring tools.

Deploy the packages

MIDLEO® supports one- click easy way to deploy the package (executables and configuration) on the target environment. We support various CI/CD techniques.

Run, monitor and report

MIDLEO® allows to build multi-part start/stop sequences and connect the runtime environments with the monitoring, reporting and performance measuring tools.

All tools from one place

Continuous integration and development of Your environment

Integrate with the services you already use

Using MIDLEO® an infrastructure management is an easy task. Fully interoperable within standard, or costumed tailored service management toolchain MIDLEO® fits to the required simplification and automation

Quickly Find (what is needed)

MIDLEO® supports context based and tag-based search algorithm to enable fast and searches through a multi- layered and distributed enterprise middleware environment. The implemented smart logic (elements of an artificial intelligence) allows to get fast and uncomplicated views, information and status. Extended pattern search engine helps to generate detailed reports.

Focus the Important

In MIDLEO® the focus is on three things – simple, traceable and transparent way to organize and manage. Request, create, deploy and manage functionalities are designed to be intuitive, easy-to-do and very good assisted.

Accessing Uniformity

MIDLEO® is an organizing tool for uniform access to different types of enterprise middleware infrastructures. The high level of interoperability with middleware and backend platforms allows to support 85% of existing technology stacks

Middleware as middlewarable

In MIDLEO® we carry our middleware in the pocket. With the mobile App any service, or application manager can easily access its own middleware everywhere and anytime. Secure and safe.

Time and Budget Savings

With MIDLEO® the enterprise IT saves time and money. Simplifying the way of organizing and managing of even complex, distributed and heterogenic middleware infrastructures the business has the right incentive to optimize the costs of IT- services.

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Collaboration is the key

MIDLEO® is a creation of our own operative experience. Using a combined know-how from more than 70 working years we had a question – is there an easy, transparent, automated and transparent way to manage the complexity. And we find the answer.
MIDLEO® is product of 1000 interviews with service managers, experts and middleware specialists. We asked questions and took a lot of notes. We discussed plenty of ideas and took many good ones.
MIDLEO® was implemented in its early stages as part of middleware management process in a big financial institute based in Germany. The very first adaptors were our mentors and valued consultants.
Middleware Enterprise Organizer - Source , Automation and Monitoring for your Middleware environment